July 9, 2009

Changes to Library Hours and Services

I love my local library system. They just posted a sad letter on their website. It says, in part:

"The Library has made a number of significant cuts over the last six months, and we anticipate further cuts in 2010. Unfortunately, due to the difficult financial times, the library administration has been forced to make some drastic decisions that impact library hours, services, and programs. We have already implemented a hiring freeze and have now reached the tipping point where we can no longer provide full service with our reduced staff.

Regretfully, our customers will be impacted by these changes. Branches will be open fewer days and hours, and when they are open, they will be operating with reduced staff. There will be less programming, fewer titles from which to choose, and materials will not be shelved or placed on hold as quickly as customers expect."

Closed all day Sunday and Monday. No security. Less programming. Less materials. The Reading Festival has been canceled. Hard times, people. Just when public library use has been going up. Sigh.


C. B. James said...

You get what you pay for. Out here in California it's less and less. Everyone wants a tax break and no one sees their repercussions.

S said...

Hard on people who need to file for unemployment on Sundays and have no computer access. The opposite happened in Barrow. Our libraries cut back last year and then came back to full hours and are hiring now. So maybe there is a little hope that it won't last long.

MotherReader said...

Speaking as one let go by a public library system that reduced staff and hours, I hear ya. Actually, I think that your library is doing a better job of conveying the implications to the public. We're so careful not to offend here that our messages have been very subdued. Like the new library hours are posted everywhere, but it doesn't talk about cuts in hours - even though that's what they are.

Teacherninja said...

C.B. James--Yeah, we have all Republicans around here and they hate poor people.

S--I hope you're right!

MotherReader--I hadn't thought of that. I hope the fact they're being open about it leads to some changes!

Thanks all!

Kami Garcia said...

This is so awful! I can't stand it. Access!