July 12, 2009

Posts of the Past

Who is this "Jim Randolph" character recently tagged by Doug Johnson with this new meme created by Joyce Valenza? Is it the guy mentioned in this blog post and in this photo? Or is he this good looking guy? Or maybe this real estate agent? Or he could be, you know, all of them!?! Well, whoever the hell he is he asked me to answer this meme, so here goes...

" Meme rules:

1. Scan your posts for your own personal favorites.
2. Choose one post in any/each of the four categories:

  • Rants
  • Resources
  • Reflections
  • Revelations

I leave it to you folks to define these terms, but my instinct is that we could treat these loosely. You are welcome to suggest new categories if these don't fit.

3. In a blog post, list those posts and very briefly describe

  • why it was important,
  • why it had lasting value or impact,
  • how you would update it for today.

4. Select five (or so) other bloggers to tap with this meme.

5. Tag all of your post with #postsofthepast"

Rant: Interestingly, I've been mulling whether or not to remain an anonymous blogger. One of the reasons I went anonymous was the crazy-assed parents we sometimes have to deal with, like Laura Mallory. She was the loon who wanted to ban the Harry Potter books here in Georgia. I ranted about that here and here. I was kind getting over the whole "anonymous" thing but thought I might as well keep a low profile until after I had my future media specialist job. Not that there's much here that would keep me from getting hired, but I just like being able to say whatever I like without worry of it'll ending up in a Google search. So I'll open up a bit after I land that future job...

Resource: We all need a laugh and the amazing journalistic resource I linked to in this post helps keep me sane when the news gets nutty (which is always).

Reflection: For all teachers the first day of school is always ripe for reflection, and I'm no different. This post was well-received and I referred back to it here when my daughter went for her first day.

Revelation: I think the biggest revelation I've had is that every time I think about hanging up the blog, I find reasons to keep going. Like doing the research for this post. I found most of what I've done here less than stellar, but a handful of nuggets made me smile and while I know that the quality won't be what I want until I graduate from this time-consuming program, I can't seem to give it up and hope others find it interesting as well.


Oh, and I dutifully pass this meme onto Tricia, C.B. James, ms-teacher, MotherReader, and Kami Garcia.