August 8, 2009


Once again instead of doing real work I have updated the blogroll. Let me know of any glaring omissions (or misspellings). I had trouble with the "teach" list. First it was half "education" and half "kid's lit" but the line was getting hazy so I just put them all together since I read all of them to inform my teaching practice. So for a while it evenly divided out into my stated three categories of reading, critical thinking, and teaching but there were a few fun ones left over that spilled over into "misc." It's all good stuff. Poke around for a while and let me know what you think.

And yes, there are ads on the blog now, sending you to an online bookseller. I have an "Ad Policy" link if you want to know more but rest assured if you click on those links and buy something (not necessarily anything to do with the ads, just anything) then I will get a few pennies. You will be supporting my classroom library for the low-socio-economic-status English language-learning students I teach. It's a good cause, trust me.

(image from flickr)