August 31, 2009

Gary Hartzell, Research Star

Earlier this month, I asked you guys to vote on my professor's list of library-field "research stars" and you cracked me up by voting on people not on the list. Doug Johnson (on the list) voted for Joyce Valenza (not on the list) and Alice Yucht (on the list) voted for Christopher Harris, Buffy Hamilton, Deb Logan, Carl Harvey, Diane Chen, Cathy Jo Nelson and Kristin Fontichiaro (not on the list).

Thinking I had to choose someone from the list, I was going to go for Doug or Alice but since an earlier class had already gotten to pick (sheesh!) I snagged Gary Hartzell.

But then I used my ninja mind powers to convince the professor to add all the new names to the list, so there will be some new blood in the projects this year.

I'm happy with Gary Hartzell, though. I've found some great stuff on him--including a video interview--and he's great. His book, Building Influence for the School Librarian was recently named by Doug as "probably the most important book written for our profession. Bar none."

Since Dr. Hartzell seems to approve of more free-flowing presentations rather than the typical web pages or slide shows, I think I'll do a Prezi presentation on him. I'll share what I come up with soon.