August 1, 2009

Research Star

For an upcoming class I need to present about one of the following school library media research "stars." I can't decide so will leave it up to you, Internet, to vote in the comments on who you think I should sign up for. The ones I'm familiar with are awesome so I can't see going wrong with any of them. Who would you present on if it was your assignment?

Carol Kuhlthau
David Loertscher
Keith Curry Lance
Nancy Everhart
Ross J. Todd
Gary Hartzell
Marcia Mardis
Julie Tallman
Jean Donham (van Deusen)
Delia Neuman
Lesley S.J. Farmer
Gail Dickinson
Carol Simpson
Pete Hernon
Danny Callison
Blanche Woolls
Betty Morris
Anne Riedling
Kay Bishop
Doug Johnson
Dianne Hopkins
Dianne Oberg
Steven M. Baule
Violet H. Harada
Sandra Hughes-Hassell
Debbie Abilock
Alice H. Yucht
Ken Haycock
Rebecca P. Butler
Ramona Kerby
Patricia Brevik
Ruth Small
Gail Bush