August 27, 2009

Translate Your Google Docs

Use Google Docs? Here's a fun new feature. Open up a doc you've got and go to the "tools" pull down menu. Now there is a "translate document" choice! This will be very helpful in communicating with my ESOL parents. Of course, I'll run anything I do this with past a Spanish-speaking colleague because I'm sure it'll be far from perfect.

Because my brain works like this, I just opened up a document and translated it in to French, saved it, then translated it back into English. It was as funny as when Mark Twain did it. Then I translated something into Hindi and back into English and it was even goofier.

I'll do it to this post as written so far (English to Hindi to English):

"Use Google? Docs here is an interesting new feature. Open a doctor and you've got the Tools pull down menu to go. Now there is one 'document translation option!' Communicating with parents this is my ESOL be very helpful. Of course, anything I associate with the last one did not speak Spanish because I'm sure he does this correctly so far back.

Because my mind works this way, I just opened a document and for translation in French, saved it, it was translated back into English. When Mark Twain was strange as it did. Then I translated in Hindi and English and also in back was fun."

Tee hee!