August 10, 2009

What Are You Doing?

Well if you want to answer that question you'll have to just leave a comment. I was never really into Twitter and canceled it once before. But then I picked it up to stay in touch with other people in my graduate classes and a few of my blogging buddies.

Turns out graduate students are either too busy to do the Twitter thing (or do it too much) or are on Facebook (which I'm even less likely to do). So when I saw that Doug had dropped his account and Mary Lee was not loving her account I thought I might as well axe mine as well.

I don't get cell phone service in my school building and the site is blocked in my district. I have graduate school and a lovely family I actually enjoy spending time with, so it was rare I'd check it at home. I found myself only "tweeting" links that I enjoyed but couldn't share from my feed reader (see "Featured Links" to the right. From now on I'll either share those links here or email them to you if you're a friend of mine.

I'm not advocating a position, just stating mine. I can still search Twitter whenever I need to (which is one of the reasons I like DuckDuckGo so much with their Twitter search right there in the right hand column).

So if you were following me on Twitter, don't. I'm not there. I'm sure you'll get over the heartbreak.

Feel free to tweet all your favorite posts from Teacherninja to all of your followers, though!

(Doug added an update to his decision here.)