September 14, 2009

Awesome Australians!

One of the best parts about the science and skeptical conference track at Dragon*Con this year was the presence of some fantastic educators from Australia. I've gone on and on about the Podblack Cat blog before and and some of the great resources she shares. She was joined by Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachel Dunlop and others from The Skeptic Zone (which also has educational resources).

These guys are amazing, friendly, fun and so nice. One of the highlights of the conference was seeing Richard and Dr. Rachel do a show for the kids which included magic and science to get them using their critical thinking skills. I thanked Richard for this performance later and he kindly said, "Nick whatever you wish for your classroom." Oh, no worries, I will!

They traveled for 24 hours straight and were completely knackered from jet lag, yet couldn't have been more engaged or pleasant the entire weekend. This is how important it is for all of them to spread the word about the importance of teaching critical thinking and a love for science.

I am in awe.

(Oh, and in addition to the podcast, they have a blog as well.