September 23, 2009

Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.

One of the best moments of my Dragon*Con experience was wandering over to the wing of the Hilto where the scientific/skeptical tables were set up and browsing all the wonderful books and such. I noticed that one of my favorite organizations, the National Center for Science Education had a table set up and who was sitting there passing out flyers and patiently answering questions? Eugenie Scott herself!

This would be akin to walking up to the Star Trek table and having William Shatner be manning the booth. Or going up to the Star Wars table and having Harrison Ford sitting there. Or...ok, enough with the nerd references. You get the idea. It was shockingly cool.

I actually chatted with her for some time and signed up for the mailing list. It's amazing work they do there, and it must be amazingly hard. Somehow she keeps on fighting the good fight when having to go up against the most utter nonsense you'll ever want to hear. She's written books too, people! And edited this classic.

Such intelligence, friendliness and poise. I look to her as a role model of education. A true teacher ninja.

Do check out their site and support the teaching of science in our classroms.