September 20, 2009

Ew. Ha-Ha! Huh?

Ok, CNN. There are so many problems with this story, I don't know where to begin. First of all, "Unidentifiable Creature" is the title you go with? And how many biologists did you ask before trotting that out? And "so-called creature" you call it? It's obviously some former living thing, so I don't get that. Kinda looks like those teens killed E.T., which is just sad. A better photo from a distance reveals easily identifiable claws--those of a tree sloth. Many animals lose their hair, bloat, and turn white in the water and exposure to the elements. Guess it was just too much fun to spread around a story without asking an actual expert.

I got a forwarded message that is indeed pretty funny. It's the audio of an Australian accented woman reading the choices for their school's voice messaging service. The text and true story of it's origins can be found here. I only wish they hadn't added that hateful "speak English" bit at the end, but other than that it is quite funny.

This confuses people every time, but just switching to electronics rather than paper does not always equal "going green" as I showed off earlier. In today's NYT, they have an article about how out of control our energy needs are getting due to all of our new gadgets. I need to find out about those "smart strips" they mention...