September 6, 2009

"He's a teacher! He's a teacher!"

Oh man oh man has Dragon*Con been cool this year. I'll post more about it later, obviously, But I had to mention one amazing moment. Now remember, I'm going mostly for the skeptical and science tracks because along with reading, I'm a big critical thinking ninja. When I went over to one of the Skeptic tables, mostly to introduce myself to Kylie and as soon as I said the words "I'm a teacher..." it was like an alarm sounded and the three people behind the table started rushing about, stuffing a tote full of free educational critical thinking information, shouting the quote above.

Is it sad that I was so surprised to have people excited about my profession? I just can't remember anything like that happening before.

It was a great day yesterday. I met and talked with some amazing scientists and educators and learned a ton about how to get the critical thinking message across to kids and other people. And it was fun. I think that's the key...