September 3, 2009

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Booking Through Thursday's question this week is: What's the biggest book you've read? They seem to mean either big as in long or big as in popular.

Big as in popular: I just checked out the Amazon top 100 bestsellers to see if I'd read anything on there and was surprised to find I'd read four, though none are really recent. The Time Traveller's Wife is probably enjoying a resurgence due to the crappy (so I've heard) film version. The Book Thief is the one I've read most recently (and probably the best of this bunch). Blink was light but enjoyable. Nickled and Dimed was great and getting more timely by the minute.

Big as in doorstoppers: I guess Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon was the most recent big fat novel I've read and that was a while ago. Great, fun stuff. I've also re-read Pullman's His Dark Materials, which I consider to be one complete and brilliant story. (Although I've heard through the ninja grapevine there's going to be a fourth!)

(photo cc flickr)