September 11, 2009

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe

The room was packed at the live podcast. Next year they'll definitely need a bigger space.

The lesson learned from the overwhelming popularity of the SGU is to keep the learning fun. Every week they go over science news items with a skeptical, irreverent eye and the banter never stops. On Sunday they did most of their show live and were just as fun as when they do it from their living rooms.

Some great quotes from the show:

Rebecca Watson: "Don't marsh my mellow."
And: "What is it with crazy people and caps lock?"

Dr. Steven Novella: "The woo peddlers are better at marketing. Being unhinged from the truth is a huge marketing advantage."

And when asked the best way to teach our children a healthy dose of skepticism, he nailed it: "There is nothing better than simply spending time with your kids."

Thanks, guys. Be sure to download this weeks live episode! I'm going to go get my daughter and play whatever she wants right now...
Update: Ok, the live recording does not have the best audio quality, so I still recommend their podcast in general, but you might want to skip this particular episode.