October 1, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

October 15 is Blog Action Day for 2009. Have you heard of it? It's this yearly thing in which you sign your blog up to post on one issue (usually environmental-related) on that given day. It's been around a couple of years but has really grown. Their claiming over 2600 blogs so far.

Now I have no idea how much real impact it has, but it certainly does little harm to have more eyeballs on such an important topic. This year it's climate change. It's a good one because there are so many different angles to take. You could review a book related to climate change, write a poem, or promote a website, an event or the effects of climate change on, well, anywhere.

It's hardly controversial that climate change is happening or even that humans are contributing to it. Even the military considers it a national security issue these days. But there is a whole bunch of yapping about what to do about it. No one has all the answers, but it's worth considering and throwing out your two cents.

Looking forward to see what comes of it in a couple of weeks.