October 15, 2009

For Blog Action Day 2009: Nature.org

Nature.org is the main web portal for The Nature Conservancy, one of the best environmental groups out there. Trust me, I did my research and this is the real deal. It's not just a touchy-feely granola group (not that there's anything wrong with that!), but they do so much more. Everything they do is based on science and every researcher I've talked to names them as the number one group doing conservation work.

When you support The Nature Conservancy, you are helping poverty, climate change, the economy, and the quality of life for people all over the planet.

They have a great blog, Cool Green Science that will keep you up to date on climate change news and fill your feed reader with gorgeous nature photos. When you become a member of the conservancy, you'll get a subscription to their lovely Nature Conservancy Magazine which also can't be beat. Even just a dollar will help them plant a tree!

Don't just want to donate? They have volunteer opportunities in your state. Get some fresh air and help conserve the environment for all of us.

We need to get to work here in Georgia, that's for sure. UGA? This behavior is shameful. And our population growth led to our own drought problems last year. I found both of these stories through the conservancy's blog.

C'mon. See what you can do to help protect this pale blue dot we all call home.