October 6, 2009


Kylie Sturgess, the Podblack Cat blogger, Skeptic Zone reporter, and the well-deserved winner of the Team Player of the Year award mentioned my little corner of the blogosphere on the episode #50 of The Skeptic's Zone podcast!

I just about wet myself and wrecked my car this morning. It took mighty ninja control to continue my commute and safely arrive at work so I could ignore my work-related duties and blog about it.

Kylie was reporting from last month's Dragon*Con skeptic track here in Atlanta and talking about educators who promote science and critical thinking. She interviewed Barbara Drescher from the wonderfully named ICBS Everywhere blog and Jason Bilotta from the new Skeptikids project among others. I haven't finished listening to it yet.

Do her and I a favor. If you use iTunes, download it and give any episode a listen and if you dig it, give them a rating on iTunes--help get the word out. Another thing I've learned from MotherReader and Lee Wind is the importance of comments, so if you like The Skeptic Zone, be sure to comment! For some reason, people don't seem to comment on podcast blogs as much--me included--and it's a shame because they put so much work into them it shouldn't go unnoticed.

Thanks, Kylie!


doug0077 said...

Congratulations and recognition well-deserved. You are dedicated and thoughtful blogger!

And I will be able to say "I know him when..."


Podblack said...

Oh, this made my night! :D Thanks!! It was a joy to see you and other educators there! :)

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, Doug, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to be half as thoughtful as you are. I will always strive for your even-handed wisdom.

Thanks, Podblack! You're awesome!

skepticdad said...

I didn't notice the plug, at first. That's awesome!

Teacherninja said...

I'm sayin'! We're in a select skeptical/educating/parenting club!

Michael Taylor said...

Well done.

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, Michael. Look forward to seeing you at next year's meeting!