November 18, 2009

Is That A Book I n Your Pocket?

Today's NYT has an article, Library In Your Pocket, about some people preferring to read their ebooks on their smart phones rather than buying a separate device for the purpose. Of course, I don't really care as long as they're reading but it is interesting to watch how this plays out. I'm thinking as computers get smaller and phones get more complicated, they'll basically become the same thing. So it's not really an either/or proposition. Well, it might be now, yet all the ebooks in the world are still a spit in the bucket compared to sale of actual, physical books.

But I can certainly see the attraction of having a few books on a phone. I almost always have my phone and I can see how it would be convenient to whip it out and scroll through a few lines as I'm waiting for the dentist or whatever. Of course, I have the simplest phone and usually carry around a book or magazine instead, so who am I to talk? Or my iPod. I don love listening to podcasts while out and about...