December 3, 2009

Sick Day Roundup

50 Best Books for Boys and Young Men
Here's a pretty great list. I hadn't heard of this site before and will definitely keep it on mind. Is it up there with Guys Read? Only further investigation will tell...

Like online tools? You gotta check out some of the amazing upgrades from I've already mentioned my love for the clean look and design of their Buzzword word processor. Now, along with their document storage and meeting site, they've added a presentation tool, and a pretty great spreadsheet creator called Adobe Tables. Give it a look.

from Doug Noon's Boderland blog. He's always keeping me inspired. My daughter sat on my lap and we were both shouting with fear and delight at that kid's amazing bike tricks. Inspiring indeed!

New Agers and Creationists Should Not Be President

from the ever more wonderful Roger Ebert. Hear, hear I say! Critical thinking in the mainstream media? Let's hope...