January 20, 2010

Comment Challenge Scam Alert

There's a blog on MotherReader's fabulous Comment Challenge sign-up list that you need to avoid like the plague. There are some great blogs on the list, but this one is there just to link to the authors' other web site of woo-woo. It's number 161 on the list: the Advantage Point's blog (sorry, no link from me). It only has around a dozen posts and seems to be just to get you to go to their main website which is all this hoo-ha about "psychic sense" and "intuition" and "sixth sense." Apparently it's all very "empowering" and "guiding" and, well, gag me.

I mean they apparently"...have studied the intuitive and healing arts for over 20 years. They are certified Six Sensory TM practitioners who have trained with and received professional certification from Sonia Choquette, a world-renowned Revolutionary Psychic, Vibrational Alchemist, Healer and Teacher."

So yeah, don't click on their link because they're not part of the kidlit or any other sane community. These people either money-grubbing or delusional. Either way, best to not get sucked into that particular portal of nuttiness.


Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for the head's up, Jim. Some people are so ... I don't even have words.

Beth said...

Yes, but what if I get desperate for a fifth comment? I bet I'd find something to complain about on that site really quickly.

I'll hold it in reserve.

Jim said...


Great idea. I actually commented and asked if it was a joke.

Michael Taylor said...

I never quite understood why so many people are eager to develop a sixth sense when they haven't figured out how to effectively use the five they really have.

a. fortis said...

I like what the previous commenter said. :) I was going to add something sarcastic but I can't beat that!

Jim said...


Well said! I need to create some kind of commenting award. That will win it.

a. fortis,
He definitely nailed it.


Wendy said...

I noticed this one, too... and it sort of confirmed my suspicion that other blogs that looked more legitimate--are at least somehow related to kidlit or books--are in it for the publicity and probably NOT going around making meaningful comments on people's blogs. Oh, well.

Jim said...


Yeah, but there's some good ones and it's been fun digging around.