February 5, 2010

Amazon V. Macmillan Fail

Amazon v Macmillan: Free Market Fail by Scott Westerfeld explains the whole debacle succinctly.

I like this bit:

This is not a case of two corporations pissing down on us mere mortals with equal disdain; it's a case of complex negotiations in an ancient industry with many arcane traditions that's in a state of technological flux. And suddenly, out of the blue, one of the sides in this negotiation spat their pacifier across the room in a very public and embarrassing display of petulance. And that corporation was Amazon.


Jacquie said...

Hmmmmm.... Interesting. I wonder what effect Apple jumping into the market will have? It is hard for me to understand why an ebook shouldn't be significantly cheaper than a hard cover with all the distribution costs involved with hard cover books. I have more or less shrugged off the whole issue, because I personally have had NO interest whatsoever in reading for fun in the ebook format. How's that for being self-centered? I have seen no piece of equipment that remotely made me think I'd ever want to use it for pleasure reading - until I saw the iPad. And even now I will still hesitate until I think libraries are going to jump into lending ebooks in a big way. My reading habit - even at $9.99 would bankrupt me too fast. Anyway - this lack of interest in ebooks has cut me off from reading about the developing issues of ebooks. That and the fact that my high school kids just wrinkle their noses at the whole idea of reading a book on a machine. They don't even like paperbacks! The whole thing will be interesting to watch....
Maybe I will have to sign up with another book seller. Another point of vulnerability for my poor over-loaded credit card....

Jim said...


I agree. So far I like to read my books the old fashioned way (without batteries or e-waste). But what format DO your high school kids prefer? Thanks for reading and considering another bookseller. Powells is pretty awesome.