February 4, 2010

Apparently I Am a Fabulous Sugar Doll

Today's post is care of Ms. Yingling who wanted to do a little decorating over here and add some more pink fluffiness. So I am to:

Thank the person who gave this to you.
• Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
• Link the person who nominated you.
• Name seven things about yourself that no one would really know.
• Nominate ten “Sugar Dolls.”
• Post links to the ten blogs you nominate.
• Leave a comment on each letting them know you nominated them.

Ms. Yingling: I can't thank you enough. There.

Logo is, as you see, displayed prominently on this blog (post which will soon disappear into the archives).

Ms. Yingling has been properly linked.

I'll list 7 things, but I'm sure someone already knows. I'm just not that interesting.

Oh, I'll nominate ten"sugar dolls" all right.

Ten links? Do you people think I have all day? I already linked to all of my favorite commenters! Oh, ok, fine. Ten links as well!

Ten comments! My goodness, is this an award or a punishment! Ok, ok, I'll do it, but I can't promise how long this will take. Sheesh!

Ten "sugar dolls":
(figuring the people most likely to be interested in more readers are people with newish or under-read blogs, I nominate the following...)

On the road to finding myself & taking wrong turns has been a follower of mine for sometime and has the benefit of already having plenty of pink and has recently gotten back into blogging, so this might help.

M.S. Dolittle Quilter, like Ms. Yingling, is a librarian, reader and quilter.

Free Philosophical Discussions is a reader, a thinker, and someone who needs more pink frills, I am sure.

Inspired to Read is from another teacher, dad, and reader. He needs some pink as well.

The Book Bench is a fun place to hang out. A mom, a teacher and a lover of kids books.

Saving the World, One File at a Time is by a mom, reader, lover of "flare" and crafty lady who happens to married to another Sugar Doll!

ICBS Everywhere is from an awesome educator who doesn't take any B.S.! She's in the middle of a blog move, so some new pink decorations might help the place.

Library Stew is a school librarian in my district who loves science, books and doesn't have AR at her school! The trifecta!

Too Busy Too Hate will probably not participate in this, but I want to link to him so you'll look at his fantastic work and see his most recent photo essay on the "phantom of the fox." I really love this site.

Sew Transformed is a master bookseller, reader, and makes her own clothes! She's as fabulous as they come.

Seven things about me? Ok, but I'll drag you all into this as well...

1. I went to Dragon*Con last fall (and am going next fall as well) where I saw Michael from Free Philosophical and Barbara from ICBS and many more.

2. Ms. Dolittle is my library internship advisor. She also has more pets than you can imagine.

3. I used to work with Toni from Sew Transformed and miss it. She's the sassiest thing alive.

4. The "Noah-isms" on either of the Taylors blogs come from their 4th grade son who is hilarious and in my wife's class.

5. I just got a new camera and would desperately like the time to try to put together something like what John at Too Busy to Hate does. I'm not as good as he is, but I used to sell some of my photography. Maybe I'll start posting some on this blog. How about Photo Fridays?

6. There's actually a little photo contest site called "Photo Friday" in which they give you a theme and you have the week to take a photo on that theme and send a link. Then people vote on their top picks and those show up in the "noteworthy" section and you're considered a Photo Friday winner. I won one for the theme "Gatherings." I'll have to find and post that photo sometime, because the link there is long dead.

7. I get this joke and think it's hilarious. I haven't posted about it because I assume you don't and I'd have to explain it. Luckily the Ocillator has done this for me!