February 11, 2010


Ms. Yingling is snowed in. It made her recall the Blizzard of '78. I was there! In Ohio. We lived on a hill and our driveway had to be plowed. The ensuing piles were our favorite playground. In '78 my brother, a friend and I spent a few days digging out a tunnel system under a huge snow drift. We even embedded florescent camping lights in the walls. We begged our parents to let us sleep out there igloo-style. No dice.

That night the blizzard hit. It was deadly. We would have been part of the permafrost.

Good times.


Michael Taylor said...

That's a bummer. My folks would have totally let us do it. but Georgia didn't get quite that much snow.

Kathy said...

I SO remember the Blizard of '78 - I was in Massachusetts, I remember it was the week before Feb. vacation and we had almost 2 weeks off of school. I also remember listening to the Governor (I think it was Dukakis) talking on the transistor radio since we didn't have electricity for days. Good times.. Good times...

Jim said...


No, the bummer would have been if we'd frozen to death in that thing! Though I think we would have probably ran inside as soon as it really started to hit.


I just remember we were worried about our new outside puppy, but she totally made it through the storm fine. We had a blast that winter!