February 28, 2010

Critical Thinking Sunday: Climate Edition

These pretty much speak for themselves, but man oh man is that Bill Nye awesome. Science deniers are unpatriotic! You tell 'em Bill! Have a great week.


Peaceful Reader said...

Great clips-thanks for sharing. I have a crush on Jon Stewart! I think its his smirkines! The real joke though is the idea of snow dumping on the East Coast cancelling out Climate Change! Poor Gore-he can't seem to win.

Victoria said...

That Jon Stewart segment is one of my favorites. Also, I wish Bill Nye was still doing kid segments for PBS. I listened to a link Michael had by Carol Tavris http://www.forgoodreason.org/carol_tavris_mistakes_were_made
which explains a bit why my mom gets so angry about the mere mention of Global Warming.

Michael Taylor said...

I like Bill Nye. But a video I checked out from the library had me questioning if he may have flirted a little into the dark side. He was using a a handful of pseudo-science buzz words like detoxification etc. I think he was using them in the correct context but I really wish he had just avoided the hijacked words all together.