March 11, 2010

International Relations

I'm supposed to take a small group of my English Language Learning 5th graders into one of the computer labs every morning for a half hour so they can work on a test prep program. I know, I know, but that's not the point of this story.

As they were signing in to the program today, one of them asked, "Why do we have to do this every day?"

I answered that their teachers had requested it, but before I was finished one boy said, "Because we're all Mexicans!"

I didn't know what to say to that. Before I could come up with an appropriate response one girl turned to him and said, "But I'm from Peru!"


Victoria said...

That was a hilarious!

Jim said...


Thanks! They're nuts but I love 'em.

Michael Taylor said...

I used to sit next to a guy named Heriberto. On the fifth of May one year another co-worker, Karl wished him a Happy Cinco de Mayo.
Since Heriberto is from Columbia, not Mexico, he just responded in kind to Karl and wished him a Happy Boxing Day.

Jim said...


Good one!

Doret said...

That's great.

Jim said...



klonghall said...

That's classic! My mother spent the last 10 years of her teaching career in ESOL. She had the funniest stories about those kids and things they would say in her class.

Jim said...


Oh, yeah. They're quite a bunch.