March 19, 2010

Is National Standardization the Answer?

One Classroom, From Sea to Shining Sea Susan Jacoby

"The real question is whether anything, in the current polarized political climate, can be done about educational disparities that are inseparable from our fragmented system of public schooling. I can imagine at least three baby steps that would pave the way for success."

"The Texas BoE is a depressing spectacle – they represent the absolute worst example of abusing authority to promote a personal ideology, betraying the public trust to promote instead high educational standards. But perhaps the spectacle can be put to good use, focusing attention on the broader problem of the quality of education in the US and potential solutions. We need better and more uniform standards, and better textbooks."


Michael Taylor said...

One shinnning star in this whole debacle had been Eugenie Scott and the National Center for Science Education. Texas has really enphasises the importance of the service they do.

No, I don't believe that nationalization is the answer.

Jim said...


Did you get a chance to see her at Dragoncon? I hung around her table and picked her brain for a while. Love her and her organization!

Michael Taylor said...

just a little bit. I only went down for Saturday. I'll be down for every day this year.