April 5, 2010

Snopes Strikes Again

In this article in the NYT, "Debunkers of Fiction Sift the Net" we get another insightful look at the work of Barbara and David Mikkelson of Snopes.com (previous post) along with mentions of Factcheck.org and Politifact.com which are becoming more and more necessary as partisan sniping seems to get worse all the time with facts being the first victims.

For the Mikkelsons, the site affirms what cultural critics have bemoaned for years: the rejection of nuance and facts that run contrary to one’s point of view.

“Especially in politics, most everything has infinite shades of gray to it, but people just want things to be true or false,” Mr. Mikkelson said. “In the larger sense, it’s people wanting confirmation of their world view.”


Michael Taylor said...

I've been a subscriber to Factcheck.org's newsletter for at least 6 years. I take the fact that many of my liberal friends feel it it too conservative and most of my conservative friends feel it is too liberal as a pretty good indication that they're only alligence is to the truth.

Jim (Teacherninja) said...


Yeah, it sounds like the Mikkelson's get the same grief. I'll have to sign up for that newsletter as well.