May 18, 2010

Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid

I do not like those annoying, cloying Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but I've seen them and, unfortunately, even paged through a few.  Just one of the many trials a bookseller and librarian must face.  This book is the perfect antidote.

Lemony Snicket's new collection "contains a bouquet of alarming but inescapable truths" that are bittersweet wonderfulness (if, like me, you like that kind of thing).

The aphorisms are silly like Jack Handy's deepest thoughts and the writing is as wry and dark as anything by Dahl.  It's a perfect bitter brew for lovers of Mr. Snicket's unfortunate writings.

Although characterizing them as "silly" isn't entirely fair.  Most of them are dark in a light, fun, snarky way.  A few of them are just plain old solemn and sadly true.  Such as, "Grief, a type of sadness that most often occurs when you have lost someone you love, is a sneaky thing, because it can disappear for a long time, and then pop back up when you least expect it."  Or the even better, "The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles in the world."

But there is plenty of comfort to be had as well, especially for the librarian in me.

"A good library will never be
too neat, or too dusty,
because somebody will
always be in it,
taking books off the shelves
and staying up late
reading them."


"Never trust anyone
who has not brought
a book with them."


Michael Taylor said...

Definately one to add to the list.
I get such a kick out of the "demotivational" posters this seems like it'd be right up my alley.

Jim Randolph said...

Borrow mien, don't buy it. It takes like an hour to read.

Beth S. said...

I love that last quote. I think I need to put that up in my classroom next year. I'm always reprimanding students who don't bring books to class with them.

Victoria said...

I particularly like the last comment you had about bringing a book. I often take one to Eve's piano lesson. I rarely get to read more than a paragraph because the family is friendly that I end up talking to the instructor's mom and siblings. So, in either case I'm in good company.

Jim Randolph said...


Yeah, he's full of great ones like that.


I definitely get twitchy if I don't have something on me to read or listen to for all those down times.

C.B. James said...

I like to last comment. That should be on a petit-point pillow. And he is spot-on about grief.