May 14, 2010

Teacherninja Is Three

Three years, 840 posts, and a whole heckuva lot of wonderful comments from thoughtful readers like yourselves.

It's morphed from a focus on teacher productivity, to random rants, then to more of a settling down to a focus on two of my favorite things: reading and critical thinking.

I don't know what's in store as I embark on my new librarianship.  There will be book reviews, sure, and notes on the progress of my library as I attempt to take the reins.  And there is always more room for Stormtroopers with monkeys because that's just funny.


(image: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Jacquie said...

Keep those toys on your desk. I work with high school students and it is a sure fire way to get them to my desk and talking. I have all sorts of wind-up animals, a librarian action figure, a cow with seasonal outfits, and numerous Yoda toys - not to mention a bevy or portly piggies. They are always a great conversation starter.

Congrats on the blog milestone! Looking forward to many more!

S said...

Happy blog birthday! Cheers!

Harrell Elizabeth said...

And to think you almost quit!! So glad you didn't. Congratulations on three years! Keep it up!!!

Jim Randolph said...


I was wondering how you knew I had toys on my desk, then realized you must mean these stormtroopers. That's just a photo I snagged from the web, but I DO have toys in my room. I'll take pictures at some point. I have an inflatable Capt. Underpants, a lava lamp, a J. Jonah Jameson with desk-smashing action and more. Gotta have toys!


Whatever. And thanks!

Michael Taylor said...

Looking forward to the next three and beyond...

doug0077 said...


I continue to be a real fan and look forward to your observations as your career path curves!


Jim Randolph said...


Thanks so much!


Thanks your, sir, and I hope I end up having something worth saying now and then.