July 19, 2010

Never Did Get "The Giving Tree"

But it would indeed be better if said giving tree had a gay sassy friend.  And I need one of those T-Shirts!

See bookshelves of doom for the goods!

(image via lookatthisfrakkinggeekster)


toni said...

That video is hilarious! Life is better with a Sassy Gay Friend!

Jim Randolph said...


We all need one!

Peaceful Reader said...

The video was funny, funny! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

I will be teaching Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet this fall and will have to bite my tongue HARD not to reenact Juliet and Ophelia's gay sassy friend for my classes. Check them out if you haven't yet.

Jim Randolph said...


I've seen the Ophelia one, but it looks like there's many more! Thanks.

kiri8 said...