August 1, 2010

Don't Listen, Kids!

So I haven't read this book, but a 6th grader acquaintance of mine has Listen! by Stephanie S. Tolan on his summer reading list.  Looks like an uplifting story about a grieving and injured girl who makes an "almost psychic connection" with a stray dog.  My friend seemed to be enjoying it for the most part and it sounded fine.

But then I got a gander at the extras in the back of the book, which include a short how-to by the author on trying to actually try to get a psychic connection going with "your animal companion."

My friend and I had to giggle over that nonsense.



Michael Taylor said...

Silliness. I always thought it was funny that pet psychics have to ask the owner what the dog's name is. Ask the dog if you're really psychic!!

Jim Randolph said...

I didn't know that. That's funny. Stephen Kind related a story he heard from a cop who used to bust unlicensed fortune tellers in NY. Never once did they tell her she was a cop about to bust them!

Jim Randolph said...

I mean Stephen KING, of course.