August 20, 2010

Fig Pudding

See the sunny colors of the cover?  On the back it says something about the warmth and fun of being in a large family.

FALSE advertising my friends.

Oh, it's a good book--don't get me wrong--and as well-written as you would expect from a writing guru like Ralph Fletcher.  And while it does have warmth and fun it also has...


Death!  It has the death of a major character and this is in no way alluded to on the front or back of this book.  Not a trace of it.  Now when you pick up Bridge to Terabithia or Charlotte's Web or anything with a dog on it, they're usually good enough to throw you a "will learn the preciousness of life" or a "and will have to deal with loss" or just a "ups and downs" at least, for crying out loud.

Good book.  Just, you know, give me a heads up next time.  Sheesh.


Jenny said...

Have you read Flying Solo? I don't think it has any false advertising (although I can't remember exactly what the back says) and I think it is even more well written than Fig Pudding. It may be my favorite piece of fiction by Fletcher.

Jim Randolph said...


Not yet. I love the idea of that book, though and have asked a few classes what THEY think would happen if their teacher didn't show up one day. What would they do? Mostly? They'd go nuts and there'd be a sub in there within 30 minutes. But yeah, I'll obviously have to read that, thanks!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just got through a tear jerker Kim H. told me about. I knew going in it was about a funeral home, but when animals die I really lose it some times.