August 13, 2010

Lucky Thirteenth

It's been a great first week.  The orientation lessons have been short and sweet.  I preface each one with a read aloud and tell them, "This has nothing to do with the library, but I like to read aloud and it's funny."  Then I show them a boring slide show and say, "Now I am obligated by The Code of The Librarian to show you this boring slide show.  But since you've done this before, I'll be brief."  I mostly hit the importance of the shelf marker (i.e., paint stick) and keeping your book in your book bag when you're not reading it so you can't possibly lose it.

I cracked up at one kid because I always whip out one of the paint stick at this point and say, "This is not a drum stick or a Jedi light saber!"  So this one little guy was wide-eyed and said, "You know about Star Wars?!?"  Does he think Star Wars is a new thing?  I was probably having Jedi lightsaber fights with my brother before his parents were born!

Then I ask them to try as best they can to keep little siblings and pets away from the books "because they might try to eat it or pee on it" which is a guaranteed group "Eeeew!"

Then we get right to the checking out of the books!  Most of them go straight for the series fiction, but there are a few that go for more interesting fiction and non-fiction and, well, it's just great to see them all buzzing around.  I haven't had one leave empty-handed yet!

One week down.  Thirty-five more to go!