September 22, 2010

Library Hoarding

I stole this post idea from Doug Johnson.

I went off on this in a comment on his blog, but I have a couple more minutes of lunchtime to rant.

So I just found a box (yes and entire box) of USB connected DISK DRIVES in one of the library's back rooms.  That's bad enough, but the clerk tells me some were in use as recently as LAST YEAR.

Not anymore they're not.

Some other things I've tossed, surplussed, or otherwise made disappear:

An entire box of cables!  Some of them were still in their original packaging, that don't go to any equipment we have.

Extra overhead projectors.  We have a bunch of document cameras, so some teachers didn't want them anymore.  Can't blame them.

Broken CD players that cost more to fix than replace.

Old promotional bookmarks that have coupons that expired a long time ago.

Magazines going back to before my daughter was born.

And speaking of magazines, a whole set of brittle National Geographics.  No one has even asked about them.  If they do, you can get all of them ever made on CDs for like fifty bucks.

I still have to deal with some digital cameras that are so old, they probably take worse pictures than your phone's camera.  I think I may have even seen some Polaroids back there.  Sheesh!

And I have a little box full of shiny brass keys!  Unlabeled.  Anyone want to take bets on what they're for?