October 15, 2010

COMO 2010

Just got back from my one-day excursion to the Georgia COMO conference.  It somehow stands for Georgia Council of MEdia Organizations.

The always cool Kathy presented, but there were too many good concurrent sessions for me to attend them all.  Wish it had been spread out more.  Oh, wait, it was spread out over three days but I could only afford one.  Well, I wish all the cool people I wanted to see didn't have everything at the same times!

Other cool people I saw:
I got to chat with the amazing Buffy Hamilton, our new Georgia Media Specialist of the Year!

I got to sit with the awesome Andy Plemmons.

I saw the wonderful Holly Frilot.

I saw some sessions, got some great ideas, and enjoyed the library cart drill teams.  I shot some video of those.  I'll have to check and see if those turned out.

Librarians are cool.