November 14, 2010

Sunday "All About Me" Roundup

page from Peter Spier's People
I have a new post up at the Georgia Library Media Association blog about whether not embracing a new technology makes one a "Luddite."

I'm interviewed (via a sketchy phone connection) on the Parenting Within Reason podcast.  It's kind of a sandwich thing if you listen to the whole thing.  The brilliant Dale McGowan first, just me, then the brilliant and drily funny Ben Radford at the end (he nails that Santa question).  Of course that's how they teach us educators to give parents bad news at conferences: "sandwich style."  Positive comment, followed by candy-coated negative comment, followed by positive comment.  Of course, some are better at this approach than others...

Over at the companion blog, Science-Based Parenting, they list the recommended titles mentioned in the podcast if you're interested in any of them further.

I was also interviewed this week by a Ph.D. candidate doing research on how us school librarians consider the diversity of our population when managing our collection.  I had to pick a pseudonym and went with "Griffin," the invisible man from Wells' novel.  I thought it was clever, but now recall that he was a pretty bad guy.  Oh, well.  How many people would get that reference anyway?  I mean, people that don't read my blog of course...

(image via synch-ro-ni-zing)