December 13, 2010

President Al Gore

Today is the day, back in the year double aught that then Vice-President Al Gore conceded the presidency to a failed Texas businessman.

But during all the kerfluffle of the election controversy, one of us (my wife and I are both educators) had a Scholastic  Book Clubs order come in and there was an order for Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents which they update and add the newest president on the cover and a short bio at the end.  Since they didn't know who it would be yet, Scholastic went ahead and made one for both possible candidates!

This is not a screen grab from a bookseller, this is a photo I just took here in my office.

Included is a letter from a customer service person which reads:

Dear Student,
Because the winner of the Presidential election was not finalized when our January orders started shipping, we have included books about both Presidential candidates.  You will now have information about whoever becomes our 43rd President.
We hope you enjoy both these books and thank you for your understanding.

Crazy, huh?  I wonder how many of these were put into circulation.  I'll hang on to it just for laughs but who knows, maybe it'll be worth something someday...