January 10, 2011

Brrrr! Stay Safe!

It's bad here.  But bad in an awesome Winter Wonderland way if you're not crazy enough to try to actually leave the house and try to go out on roads.  I'll be sure to grab some pix after my daughter drags us out to make snowmen and such. 


Kathy said...

it is QUITE cool - my husband did have to go into work at 10:30 last night (Fox 5 - the news must go on) said the roads were AWFUL then and the other people on the roads were idiots! I don't think we will see him home for a day or two! Enjoy the snow!

Terry Doherty said...

Yeah! I love "the Abominable." Sounds like a great hot cocoa and lots of books kind of day ... I'm jealous!

Victoria said...

I love the bumble. Michael went to work and came home again. The kids are playing wii with friends and sledded down our driveway. I hope y'all have a safe time too.

Jim Randolph said...


I just can't believe the people on the roads. Craziness.

It's more work that you think with a 7-year-old. But she's resting now so maybe I can squeeze in a few pages.

Oh, yeah. Have fun!