January 30, 2011

Critical Thinking: Astrology Edition


Michael Taylor said...

I have a coworker with whom I've worked for about 10 years. He is a firm believer in astrology and is always saying thisngs like, "He's just acting that way becuase he's a Taurus" etc. Everytime he hears it's somebody's birthday he says, "I knew you were a ____".
So I challenged him $100 to guess my birthday. He just had to be close enough to get my sign correct. But if he was wrong I got the $100. He hasn't taken me up on it.

Jim Randolph said...

I posted this because of the recent "update" of the dating system so I've heard conversations in which folks debate this. I'm like, really? Really? I do an experiment with my STUDENTS where we debunk astrology. Guess I need to do it with the grown-ups too.

Michael Taylor said...

After the recent update I made the mistake of joking about it in the office. I'm no longer a Pisces. Another coworker took offense and was surprised that I didn't believe it.