January 11, 2011

Dear Kidlitosphere:

Yes, I know who won which children's lit. award yesterday.  You don't need to re-post the list on your blog.  I mean it's cool if you're just mentioning a few of them with your own commentary but re-typing the whole list just seems silly to me when you can just link to the official one and leave it at that.

Trust me, if we have that little "Kidlitosphere" tag on our blog or are in the comment challenge or whatever, we Know already.  And if we didn't know, we'd probably go to the official list first anyway.

I'm just saying.

Oh, and congrats tot he winners!  Cheers, indeed!  (Not that any of them read this blog...)


Madigan McGillicuddy said...

I can't help but weigh in... with my own commentary, of course. This really is the book lover world's equivalent of the Oscars.

Why post the list without adding your own thoughts on who won (or who didn't win)? That's kind of a stumper. Maybe they're doing it for their own reference?

Your post begs the question... what did YOU think of the winners?

carrie said...

In general I agree with what you are saying about re-printing the awards list. I find the re-posting of information a lot across blogs. I think it is far more useful to provide a link and your own thoughts, rather than repeating content. Personally, I will always verify info from the primary source so a blog linking me to the primary source is much more useful than a reprint. After that, I am always interest in reading what somebody thought.

Jim Randolph said...


See, I liked your post. And I hope I didn't come off as too mean. But if folks were trying to keep a reference, then just bookmark the ALSC site for crying out loud!

I haven't read most of them since I tend to buy library bound books for my elementary kids and it takes longer for them to come out in that format. I was happy to see that I'd ordered some of the winners.

You're right, Ship Breaker looks awesome, but I want to read The Windup Girl first. Interrupting Chicken is funny and I like to see the funny get noticed. The Dreamer looks amazing. Bink & Gollie will be appreciated by my students. And, of course, Mo Willems is always good but my students just about peed when I did my Elephant & Piggie schtick with We Are in A Book!

But I buy recommended books I think my kids will read and enjoy. Sometimes those are medal winners and sometimes they're just good books. All medal winners are good books, but not always something my kids care to read. I won't buy something just because it's a winner, I need to have more than one kid at my school in mind that I would hand it to before I'll buy it.


Jim Randolph said...



Beth said...

Well, I just reposted the Cybils shortlists, but that's because I'm using my blog to keep track of what I've read. When (if) I finish that, I'll probably post all the ALA winners and chug my way through that.

I guess I don't really expect anyone else to look at my page, so it's mostly for me :-)

BookBlogFun said...

I agree with Beth. I also am using my blog as a way to keep track of what I read. I also just got a book journal because I know not everything I read is on my blog. Anyway, post whatever you want, it's your blog :)

~ Lauri Chandler

Jim Randolph said...

Beth & BookBlogFun,

You guys are right. I should have thought before opening my yap.