January 8, 2011

One of the things I like about the Comment Challenge

It's actually seeing all these blogs.  Most of the time I just scroll through my reader and only every once in a while jump over to the blogs themselves.

And of course getting to see lots of new-to-me-blogs is always fun.

What about you?

Comment Challenge 2011


proseandkahn said...

I was just thinking that myself last night! While the blog reader makes it really easy to follow a lot of blogs, the style and tone of the blog is lost. Of course, there are some fonts and colors used at some blogs that my old eyes are unable to read without pain, so the reader makes those easier.

The sidebar content is lost as well, although sometimes that is a good thing as I occasionally get "follower" envy.


Heather Kelly said...

I don't use my blog reader to read blog posts, which means I forget to read most of the blogs that I actually follow. It's an imperfect system! Thanks for the comment at my blog--it tickled my funny bone!

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

Funny, I use my blog reader when I've gotten really, really behind and I just want to get a quick glance at general trends or interesting tidbits that people have to share.

Usually, I like to read the blog in it's original format, as it kind of gives me a clue to the blogger's personality. I know what you mean about ill-conceived design choices! There are some brilliant blogs out there that I just can't follow because of their white text on a black background, and too many flashing sidebars!

Beth G. said...

I'm really enjoying finding new-to-me blogs.

I resisted using a blog reader for *years*, and now that I use GoogleReader, I'm reading so many more blogs than I used to!