February 28, 2011

He's At It Again

I mentioned this guy a couple of years ago and lo and behold he's up to his usual shenanigans again.  What a creep.

If you live in Gwinnett County, GA, feel free to share this info with your friends.

(770) 923-9970

Just got this email from another teacher:

"This morning, a man (caucasion, blonde, 40ish, well dressed) knocked on our door at 7:15 AM.  I live off Garner Rd , Mt Park area of Lilburn.  His story was that his son is sick with asthma and he needed money to buy his medicine because he left his wallet at church yesterday.  I did not give him money, and he drove off very quickly when my husband pulled up in our driveway after taking our son to school.  After I told my husband the story, he drove off looking for him and found him in the neighborhood behind us, and he was approaching someone else's door.  My husband pulled in behind him  and wrote his tag number down.  The man rushed toward my husband very nervously asking what he was doing, and my husband let him know that he would be calling the police and reporting his suspicious behavior.  He told my husband he was just looking for gas money and he rushed off in his car.
My husband did call the police.  He was driving a late model (less than 5 years old) dark blue, Jeep Cherokee 4x4 with a dealer tag.  
This man looks very familiar.  I feel certain he is the same man that was referenced in an email a couple of years ago that had been arrested for this type behavior on a number of occasions, usually approaching young children and moms out in their yards in the afternoon.  I don’t mind giving folks money who really need it, but I remember stories about this guy getting very agitated and threatening when people would not give him money.  That is what concerns me most about this particular guy."

Yes, he was arrested in 2008 and lives right around the corner from me. He uses that same story every time.  Think I'll post his picture around the park nearby and share his info. with friends.  Creep.


Michael Taylor said...

I just reposted this to my facebook page to get the word out.

Michael Taylor said...

Swindon Ct is about half way from my house to the Meth house where those kids died. and they're both within a mile. Also I just found out that my little brother went to school with this fine upstanding citizen.

Jim Randolph said...

Yeah, I drove by his house yesterday and plan on keeping tabs on him. I can't believe he's dumb enough to keep doing this in his own neighborhood!

Michael Taylor said...

If he show's up at our house I'll just say, "Hey Mr. Buckner. Does your parole officer know you're here? Why don't we give him a call."

Jim Randolph said...

Nah, then he'd just bolt. Try to get him to come inside while someone calls the cops, man!

Michael Taylor said...

Guess who I saw at Kroger on Tuesday? I alerted the store security and they chased him off.

Jim Randolph said...


Robert said...

This idiot came to my door on Crestland Ct. at around 11:30pm on a Saturday night a couple of months ago. He was claiming that his dad was in the hospital, he needed gas money to get to him. As my wife was relaying his story to me I impolitely pursueded him to leave, he did show a flash of aggression, I didn't give it time to delvelop. This same email made it to me with TONS of local people copied. Any ideas on how we can put together a quick response team of concerned neighbors to shut this guy down when he's on the prowl?

Doug said...

you're doing a great public service. I've seen a different person doing this several years ago and Chris from Chris' Barber shop ran him off.

Doug said...

my wife said someone was at mountain park distributing flyers about this guy today - that it was on the news today also.

What does the law say on what he's done here lately? They know where he lives. I wonder if he has a job.

this is the kind of thing twitter is good for, I think.

Jim Randolph said...

Robert & Doug,

Thanks. Keep up the pressure because he's obviously never going to stop being a douche.

Developer said...

Jim - I maintain a website for our community at CorinthHills.org - http://www.corinthhills.org - and have posted about this character in the past. Anyhow, he came to my house today. Don't know if it was random or targeted, but thought I'd pass it along to you. I called the police who responded to my home in just a few minutes. I've posted the details on the website.

Jim Randolph said...

Thanks for the update. I keep meaning to post flyers or something around the area just so he knows we have an eye on him but, well, been busy. Maybe by the end of the summer.