April 1, 2011

Sneak Peek at the New "Elizabeth Bird Reading App!"

See that icon on the right end there?  That's the icon for the new "Elizabeth Bird Fuse #8 Reading App!"  Yes, of course I stuck it right next to my Angry Birds app just to be silly. (Get it?  Angry Birds?  Elizabeth Bird?  Oh, never mind...)

Here's my daughter interacting with one of the graphically-enhanced read-alouds:

She enjoyed the graphics, the sound, the cartoon characters, everything.  It is definitely pitched a little younger than her age group (she'll be in third grade next year and this seemed to be just about right for preK through 2nd) but it was still fun for her.  We'll definitely recommend it to her younger cousin's family.

Be sure to check out the "Parents and OTher Grown Ups" tab.  There are many booklist, read aloud suggestions and even a KidLit Drink Mix Guide!  Ms. Bird and company have thought of simply everything!

Elizabeth Bird Fuse #8 Reading App


PamelaTrounstine said...

But what if it was real? What should a quality reading app series have?

Jan von Harz said...

Thanks for the heads up I am defintiely putting this on my iPad as my three year old grandson is already reading a little and this app might just be a fun one for him.

Jim Randolph said...


I have no idea. I think a quality reading app would be a library card.


I hope you are in jest! It was an April Fool's joke. (With the permission of Ms. Bird, of course).


Betsy said...

Ha! I love the idea. We would have also accepted "Angry Elizabeth Bird" as an app. If I ever meet someone with the last name "Green Pig" I'll know my enemy.

Cheers for making me your April Fool's thingy!

SchrefflerFamily said...

You need an app with your top 100 children's Book and information in it!

Then another for the top 100 picture books!