May 9, 2011


I had a great post I wanted to do for Sunday, but my computer is infected.  I sent it off with my local geek to have it cleaned up and I just don't have time at work to properly blog.

But it has been kinda nice not having a laptop for a couple of days.  Then that blog post seemed silly.  I spend way too much time reposting.  If you're interested in that stuff, then just follow my shared items feed.

This space is for original content.  But I may not have any for a spell.

In the meantime, let me know your summer reading plans in the comments below.  I plan on hitting my TBR pile hard, other than book club books.  I need to clean out physical books so I don't feel any guilt about buying stuff for the Kindle!

What's your plan for the summer?


Victoria said...

Your lovely, Ms. A., suggested Gregor the Overlander. Noah just finished it the other day and liked it. So I will take a spin with that one.

Ms. Yingling said...

I'll be working through my list of things that I might order, depending on what the public library has in. I don't ramp up reading in the summer; instead, I try to sew a lot of quilts and keep up with my running. Have to mix things up a little. And I got a laptop (finally) and really should work on some writing.

Jim Randolph said...


Those Gregor books look great!

Ms. Y.,

Sewing and running? You have many talents. Have fun!