June 30, 2011

More GA PLate Voting

Well, it looks like I'm not the only one who noticed the new Georgia license plate choices were a little sketchy.  Over at the wonderful blog, The Wall of Separation, American's United is urging you to vote as well.  Some instances where 'In God We Trust' was put on things (like our money) without a vote, but this time...

'This time we are able to vote – a referendum! Even if it’s as seemingly trivial as the Peach State’s license plate, we have the power to decide what we want and what we don’t. We can say no to discrimination with simple clicks. When none of the God-plates garners enough votes, the governor will have no choice but to side with us. So rarely do we wield this kind of influence.
And so I urge you: vote. And when you do, remember:
(a) Not all Georgians believe in God. “In God We Trust” clearly favors religion, violating the separation of church and state.
(b) Faith should not be so flimsy as to require nonstop on-the-road affirmation.
(c) Tag IDs 1, 2, and 8 are more aesthetic, no question.
(d) Yoda’s syntax gets enough play in the Star Wars franchise.
Georgians, vote. If you know a guy who knows a guy who lives in Georgia, vote. If you know someone named Georgia or have ever driven through (around, away from, toward) Georgia, vote. Even if you think I’m blathering about the Caucasus (and you wouldn’t be the first), vote!
And mention it at the water cooler, by which I of course mean post the link to Facebook.
In the name of the First Amendment and good taste, vote now. And the link is wonky, so click as many times as you need to. Voting closes on July 8th.'