July 1, 2011

More on how to handle your email

I've written and ranted about email many times before, so I feel like I should share this Email Charter which is being promoted by TED as one of their 'ideas worth sharing.'  I like the main thrust about saving all of our time.

One thing that would help out a lot is keeping this flow chart in mind:

Now I'm not saying don't send your friends and family funny crap that you find online.  I do that too.  But not mass emails to everyone on your list, particularly if that's how you got it.  They've probably seen those things before and if not, don't especially want forwarded stuff anyway.  Send it to certain people sure, but not everyone.  Sheesh.  If you you feel that everyone would like it, post it on Facebook or Reddit or do what I do and share it only with those unlucky few that stumble across my blog.


C.B. James said...

I don't think I've ever done a mass email in my life. But I think that's because I have my friends email mixed in with my colleagues who tend to be school teachers. I'm shy about sending the jokes my friends tell to a bunch of schoolteachers. And my friends already hear more about school than they ever wanted to.

Jim Randolph said...

My favorite one was a teacher responding to an email announcement of the Teacher of the Year nominees of whom she was one. She meant to forward it to one friend with her catty comments of the other nominees and ended up hitting 'reply all.' Needless to say she was not the Teacher of the Year.