August 8, 2011

The Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids!

I'm sure you've come across Robert T. Carroll's wonderful resource, The Skeptic's Dictionary.  I had two students last year who asked me questions and when we went to look them up online, ended up on his site.  One was a third grader looking up ghosts and one was a fifth grader looking up Bigfoot.

I was happy that they found The Skeptic's Dictionary, rather than some woo-woo believer sites, but some of the ads and much of the content wasn't really on their level.

Problem solved!  Now Dr. Carroll has created an ad-free and more heavily illustrated version called the Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids!  He recommends it for those curious kids from ages nine and up.

It's the perfect resource for those kids I always have looking for more and more info on aliens, astrology, the 2012 end-of-the-world nonsense, and all the famous monsters with plenty of links for further reading.  This will be perfect for teaching critical thinking skills in the library in a fun and engaging way.


HW said...
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HW said...

Being an European (Finnish-Danish) psychologist and former teacher by occupation and the son of believers in the Christian God, I find that my parents' view: that I should work it out for myself, was right. I am secular, know (in the kantian way) that darwinism in principle is the right explanation of man's origin, and accept that others may have their views. What I canot accept is intolerance.
Holger Wahlström