November 9, 2011


On the right sidebar you'll see a link to my Twitter feed.  Google has done away with their "share" thing I was using to add links of interest to the right sidebar.  They were usually articles, posts or videos I found interesting or funny but didn't feel like working into a whole post.  Now I've added a Twitter doodad to my browser so will share links that way instead.

I'm not into the whole social networking thing.  Facebook and Google+ just didn't do anything for me.  I always sign up for stuff like that then remember that I don't have enough time for them or maybe I just don't like anybody.  Heh heh.  Twitter is good because there's a whole lot less decisions to make. It doesn't care about filters or circles or whatever.  And with their "list" feature, you can follow and unfollow more people than anyone needs to know about.  So yeah, whenever you want to see stuff I've been noticing online, that's the stuff right over there.


Ms. Yingling said...

Noooooooo! I'm the only one on my Cybils committee who doesn't tweet, and now YOU go over to the dark side? Truly, it is the end of days.

propernounblog said...

I'm going to miss the Google Reader shared pages. It's a bummer that it's gone.

Jim Randolph said...

Ms. Y,

Well, it's just a place to share links for me. If you know of a better way, let me know. It just seems easy to do it that way.

Yeah, I liked it but they're always doing that kind of thing.