December 31, 2011

Bedside Reading? Check!

Does your kid's nightstand look like this or is my kid just more weird/geeky/awesome?  I had the idea for this post a couple weeks ago and snapped this picture.  Then I got caught up in getting ready for holiday travel and forgot about it.  Then a couple days later I went in and wrote down everything on her nightstand and now I see there are some differences.  I can see in the photo she has Smile and a Bad Kitty book that had been finished and replaced by the time I wrote up my list.  As you can see, it's ever-changing.

Here's what I scribbled on the notecard:

Lost and Found: Egyptian Mummies and Other Discoveries

JLA: Justice for All (a Justice League of America collection)

Captain Underpants: Attack of the Talking Toilets

The Boxcar Children: Schoolhouse Mystery

National Geographic Kids magazine

National Geographic Kids 2012 Almanac

American Girl magazine

Ladybug Girl

and Miss Rumphius.

I like this wacky mix!  Fiction, non-fiction, reference, picture books and magazines.  And that doesn't include the books in the basket next to her potty, the books she keeps stashed in both of our cars and whatever we happen to be reading aloud to her.  I love this kid!