January 23, 2012

2012 Youth Media Awards: Dear Kidlitosphere...

Yes, I have the Youth Media Awards live stream up on my laptop in my office. http://www.webcastinc.com/client/ala-webcast/

Yes, I'm also following their Twitter stream @ALAyma

But no, I'm not going to post the list or pictures of the winning book covers.  For some reason everyone does that instead of just providing a link.  I don't know why this seems necessary to people.  If we're in the Kidlitoshpere we follow this stuff.  We're not looking to your blog for news.  We're looking to your blog for your reactions, your opinions, your commentary. Feel free to pull up a bean bag chair, grab a grape Nehi and let us know what you think.

Enjoy the day and enjoy the news.  Congrats to the winners.  I may have more to say about this later but right now, just remember, our job isn't about award stickers. It's about getting the right book to the right student.  That book, whether it be an international award winner, or the latest full-color offering on Monster Trucks, if it's the just right pick for that kid, then it's the best book of the year to me right then.

I look forward to reading your reactions to the news in...just about one hour now.


Medea said...

I think people probably mention the winners because they have non-kidlit followers. Moms, students, etc. I mention the Canadian winners on Twitter because I think most of my followers have no idea about the awards but like a little Canadiana! Nothing a Canadian likes to say "I liked then first" about than a book/band/actor that is now popular in the US!

Joanna said...

Well I hadn't 'read' the wordless Caldecott winner, but the three medal winners were totally in my top reads this year and was thrilled to see they won!.

Need to get hold of DEad End in Norvelt now. I read a fabulous interview with Laura Watkinson, who won the translator's award... great stuff!

This is the first year I have really followed and ti was thrilling!

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

My thoughts are up on my blog... and yes, I think it is interesting to hear a little more than simply, who won.

So... what are your thoughts, now that the announcements have been made??

Amy said...

Such a great reminder about getting the right book to the right kid! Just because a book won an award doesn't mean everyone has to read it.

Linda at teacherdance said...

I agree with you; I didn't know how to comment when it was just the list. Thanks for the response to the photo on my blog-sounds like a good story to me!

MotherReader said...

I think we kidlit bloggers tend to do this as our own "record" of the event. But yes, I prefer reactions than lists.

I was happier about the Caldecott honors than the winner. I would have rather seen Grandpa Green as the winner and A Ball for Daisy as an honor... but hey, whatcha gonna do.

Didn't really know the Newbery books, but hadn't invested much in any particular one to win anyway - though I would have liked to see Okay for Now on the list.

Amy LV said...

So true - the right book to the right student. I love BLACKOUT - the pictures and the meaning too. That picture of Edison looking down on the child playing a video game just gets me. a.