March 21, 2012

Some of the Best Forty Bucks I Ever Spent

I was just going over another teacher observation review with my principal and it was concerning an end-of-nine-weeks reference review lesson with a group of fifth grade students.

She mentioned that while it was just a slide show review multiple-choice thing, she was impressed that I kept circulating and getting answers from more than the same few students raising their hands.  It seemed to keep the lesson light and fun while keeping talking and off-task behaviors to a minimum.

It's because I got myself one of these babies a couple of years ago.  I'm proud that I don't do many slide show presentation-type lessons but when it's needed, this is the best thing to have.  Makes you feel like you're giving a TED talk.  Actually, it's better than a TED talk that because, like she said, you can circulate around the room and not be tied to your keyboard (or worse, have someone else do it for you and have to spend half your time telling them to "go back," or "go on.)"

I'm not endorsing a specific product here.  Any of these type of pointer doohickeys will do the job. (Click the image in this post to see some options.) But it's one of those things that some teachers or school librarians might be hesitant to spend on for themselves yet I think if you do indeed use any type of presentation format more than a couple times of year, then you'll be more than happy you have this in your desk drawer.